Messages On-Hold Improve Your Home-Based Business Image

If you own a home-based business, you are no doubt aware that when trying to attract new customers one of the biggest challenges facing you is your business image. Often, owners seek ways to avoid revealing their business location for fear of scaring customers away. The good news is that messages on-hold can help level the playing field with larger businesses!

Just as a professional looking website can put your business in the same arena with much larger companies, quality messages on-hold and voice greetings can convey a Fortune 500-like image to your callers, while allowing your actual location to remain undisclosed. For many home-based operations, all that is needed is a fighting chance to prove their level of product or customer service. And for most customers, once they see how well your business can perform for them, the fact that you’re working out of your home instead of a large building in a corporate park becomes completely irrelevant.

The ability to implement powerful office technology for use in your home allows you to save startup costs that would normally be eaten up by leasing expensive office space. Another way you may be saving money is by using single-line, two-line or four-line telephones, as opposed to purchasing an expensive business telephone system. Since these non-system phones don’t include the music-on-hold (MOH) function featured on most “Key” and “PBX” business telephone systems, home-based business owners may feel they have no option for playing messages on-hold. But take heart; there is a solution!

An audio adapter is needed to allow music and messages to be heard by your callers on-hold. And, there are several competent manufacturers providing these adapters for virtually any phone, or combination of phones on the market, including both corded and cordless. They are generally simple to install – plugging in a few cables – and provide a port, which your mp3 player, CD player or other audio player can be plugged into.

In addition, you’re probably using voice mail to answer calls and store messages from your callers when you’re not available. This is another golden opportunity to build your business image. Having a company that specializes in custom greetings or messages on-hold provide a professional voice (or voice with music) will make a great impression on your callers.

You may also want to consider utilizing any spare voice mail boxes available to you by having your own “commercial” type recordings created. That way, your callers can navigate to different boxes where they will hear details on your product or service, and then leave a message for you to call them back with more information.

If you operate your business entirely from a mobile phone or as a virtual office, you can take advantage of professionally produced voice greetings and music that will impress your callers. And, since the greetings can be uploaded and stored remotely you won’t need an audio adapter, as mentioned above.

As it is with many other businesses, the initial – and sometimes only – personal contact you may have with customers is by telephone. Home-based and mobile-based businesses are always looking for ways to give themselves an edge over their “corporate business park” competitors. Employing image-enhancing tools, such as custom messages & music on-hold and voice mail greetings, along with your quality products or services and attitude of customer care will make the location of your business a non-issue for your customers.