Is a Mobile Based Franchise Opportunity Right For You?

Considering owning a franchise but want to stay flexible with your location? Many traditional franchises require you to have enough capital to lease business space. But with a mobile location, you can leave yourself open to a variety of options that physical location based franchise owners cannot. Mobile based franchise opportunities can open you up to a new world of possibilities with a franchise business. But before you dive into a mobile based franchise, you need to figure out if it’s right for you. Here are a few questions to ask yourself.

Am I prepared for the mobile nature of my new business?

One of the biggest features of mobile based franchise opportunities are their mobile nature. Unlike other franchise opportunities, you’ll need to be on the move constantly in order to serve your customers. Whether it’s meeting them in their homes to give them service or traveling around to different locations in order to set up shop, mobile franchises require you or your staff to keep moving. If you’d rather sit in an office or set up shop in one location, a mobile based franchise isn’t the right choice for you.

Have I calculated the additional costs for my mobile business?

Your mobile franchise business will require some additional costs that aren’t part of a regular franchise. Although the start up costs are generally lower than other types of franchises, there are also expenses like vehicles, vehicle maintenance and fuel to account for. Don’t assume the a lower start up cost equals lower costs overall. When you are doing financial planning for your new franchise business, be sure to account for these costs so you know what to expect.

Will you be completing the service yourself or having others do it?

Most mobile based franchise opportunities are service oriented. Some of the most common are carpet cleaning, home maintenance repair work, pet care, automobile work and maid service. Depending on your goal for your franchise business, you may either do the work yourself or hire a staff. If you’re going the second route, you’ll need to work those figures into your accounting for your new business. You’ll also need resources for training your staff, which your franchisor should supply.

Is there a need for mobile services in your area?

Mobile based services can thrive or fail based on the community that you try to start them in. Depending on the service, there might not be a need for a mobile option. For example, mobile based services often work better in larger cities where people need services or professionals to come to them in order to fit their busy schedules. Your franchisor should help you investigate the possibilities for your local area and determine if their franchise is a right fit.

Mobile based franchises offer a lot of potential benefits that other franchise types simply do not. But in order to make the most of them you need to ask yourself questions like these and get the necessary support from your franchise owner.